Politicians make promises. Leaders keep them. Dan Laughlin is a leader. Since becoming Erie’s state senator, Dan has produced results the cynics said weren’t possible.

Erie’s public schools were on the brink of closing, when Dan secured $16 million in annual funding that keeps them running.

LECOM was on the verge of moving its campus and jobs elsewhere. Dan stepped in to keep the state’s largest medical school here in Erie.

Dan has led the fight to create a city revitalization district in Erie, to allow the community to invest local tax dollars in building our economy right here.

And Dan Laughlin reached across the aisle to co-sponsor a state family and medical leave fund to provide working families with paid leave following the birth or adoption of a child, or to care for an ailing family member or recover from a health problem.

In a world where elected officials too often use their office for financial gain, Dan refused to accept the perks, including taxpayer financed state car, the lavish pension, and the no-receipt expense accounts. “Your boss doesn’t buy you a car and pay you to drive it to work,” Dan explained. “Why should taxpayers be expected to pay for a government official’s car?”


Dan promised to save our schools, fight tax increases, create jobs and turn down the perks. He’s kept his word. It’s why we should keep Dan Laughlin as our state senator.

He gets stuff done.