FROM THE MOMENT he arrived in Harrisburg, Dan Laughlin made it clear he wasn’t another career politician looking to move up the ladder. He showed up in his old pickup truck, his former homebuilding company’s logo still on the doors, because he refused to take a taxpayer-funded state car. He turned down the no-receipt expense account and put receipts for every expense on his web site for citizens to see. His only concession to political tradition was to trade the Carhartt jacket, usually worn with a carpenter’s pencil behind his ear, for the tie and dress jacket required by Senate rules.

Then, he got to work.

DAN FOUGHT for the dollars needed to keep Erie’s City Schools open. He passed legislation for Sunday hunting, so families could engage in the sport on weekends. He introduced the Family Leave Act, a revenue-neutral insurance program to allow workers to care for an ailing child or parent without going into poverty. From fighting against job-crushing regulations to sponsoring a commonsense minimum wage increase, Dan Laughlin sent a clear message that he was there to change the culture of Harrisburg.

Dan Laughlin will pave your roads, keep your schools funded, and make Pennsylvania a vibrant place for families to live, grow, and pass on a better life to the next generation.

Through it all, he guarantees that one thing will be constant: he’ll still be the unpretentious guy unafraid of a hard day’s work and unashamed of his roots among the honest working families of the state he loves.