Where Was Sean Wiley?

Our region needs better representation. Gov. Tom Wolf was elected in a landslide, in large part because of the well-organized efforts of the education community. Their reward was to have our schools held hostage for nine months as Wolf and state Sen. Sean Wiley attempted to force through an enormous tax increase on Pennsylvania.

The Republican-led Senate put forth a budget that included $200 million more in education funding, which, after months of vetoes, Wolf grudgingly let take effect without his signature. He then vetoed the fiscal code that represented a bipartisan approach to fairly distribute the funds.


Now, in yet another slap in the face for families and educators alike, Wolf has actually cut our local share of the new school funding. The Erie School District alone had its share cut by $1,152,897. Millcreek school funding was cut by 2.2 percent.


There were of course a few winners in this scheme: Philadelphia schools received an additional $34,396,604, and the Chester-Upland School District received an increase of 22.7 percent.


So my question is this: Where was Sen. Wiley, and why did he let this happen without a fight? This type of unfair treatment of our community will not happen when I am elected state senator this fall.


Dan Laughlin, Republican candidate for Senate, 49th District|Millcreek



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