State Senate candidate Dan Laughlin today said Millcreek Township’s decision to drop a frivolous and politically charged lawsuit that attempted to stall his campaign was a victory for ordinary citizens and their right of political expression.

Millcreek had attempted to force the campaign to take down its yard signs and other advertisements – all posted on the private property of Laughlin supporters. The township cited a zoning ordinance that had been declared unconstitutional in numerous other cases.

“Free speech isn’t trout fishing. It doesn’t come with a designated season,” Laughlin said.

Here is Laughlin’s full statement:

“Score one for the ‘little guy.’ Millcreek’s ordinance is a clearly unconstitutional law designed to prevent average citizens from challenging the career politicians. It’s the sort of interference designed to scare off challengers and their supporters, and by refusing to be intimidated our campaign has scored a victory for political independence and free speech.

“Now, with this harassment ended, we can concentrate on our mission: to take on the career politicians and insiders in Harrisburg.”



Tyler Jemetz


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