Sean Wiley Hires and Supports Narcotics Dealer with History of Violence

The campaign of state senate candidate Dan Laughlin has issued a statement of support for the Erie County District Attorney’s efforts to get accused gunman Gregory Garmon off the streets pending trial.


Garmon, who worked in State Sen. Sean Wiley’s Erie office, admitted to shooting a man as the victim sat on his front porch in the city last Sunday. Last week, he was released on $5,000 bond.

Significantly below the amount requested by the District Attorney’s Office.

A Wiley Donor is currently serving as Garmon’s representative.

Wiley hired Garmon despite a previous heroin conviction in Chicago. Dockets suggest he was charged with heroin dealing.

Garmon was also under a Protection from Abuse Order after his girlfriend accused him of physical abuse.

After hiring Garmon, Wiley enthusiastically endorsed him on the floor of the State House - describing him as coming from “The mean streets of Chicago,” with no further details on his background.

Wiley told senators that Garmon, “Vowed that he would make me proud in every way, and he has far exceeded his promise.” Wiley went on to say that, “Meeting Greg Garmon is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

Within one day of Garmon surrendering to police, Wiley had erased all record of his service from the senator’s web site, including a clip of his remarks praising him.

“It’s troubling that in the midst of a heroin epidemic in Erie County Sean Wiley put a violent convicted narcotics dealer on the state payroll,” said Laughlin campaign manager Tyler Jemetz. “Garmon’s criminal record was easily located,” Jemetz added. “If Sean didn’t do an ordinary pre-employment background check, he was irresponsible. If he did do a background check, he is unquestionably irresponsible for putting a violent drug dealer on the public payroll.”

“We strongly support the DA’s call for a higher bond, and we also believe Sean Wiley owes the people of the 49th District an explanation on Garmon’s representation, his endorsement, and his lack of acknowledgement,” Jemetz said.

Thus far Wiley has made no comments on the issue, and has removed all publicly accessible media.



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