As testimony gets underway in the criminal perjury trial of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, Republican senate candidate Dan Laughlin issued the following statement about the scandal engulfing the state’s top prosecutor:

"Kathleen Kane’s guilt or innocence before the law will now be determined by a jury currently hearing the criminal case against her in Montgomery County.

"Her fitness to hold the office of attorney general has not been in doubt since the day the state’s Supreme Court took the emergency action of suspending her license to practice law. Yet, incumbent Senator Sean Wiley voted to keep Kane in office, despite a majority of senators wisely reasoning that someone unable to practice law should not be the state’s top prosecutor.


"Kane’s antics – from repeated, public lies to retaliatory firings against enemies real or imagined – long ago disqualified her from any place of public trust. Yet, Sean Wiley, the ranking Democrat on the senate special committee assigned to determine her continued fitness to serve, voted to keep her in this position of trust. He sees no problem with continuing Kane’s legacy of scandal and ineptitude.

"With every passing day of testimony, the failings of Kathleen Kane are amplified by the poor judgment of Sean Wiley."



Tyler Jemetz




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